The Times Behind the Signs
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From the Author:

From a young age, I have wanted to immerse myself in my history as much as possible; I am still fascinated and intrigued both about my history, and the history of Yellowknife. “The Times Behind the Signs” (TTBTS, the history behind Yellowknife’s street names) came into being while I was exploring my history, and has since morphed into a way for me to pass on my interest to others, hopefully piquing their interest in our relatively short, but uncannily rich, Yellowknife history.

In order to bear this project to fruition, I have now spent over 700 hours researching, writing, designing, photographing, and many other associated tasks. After I was turned down by a local publisher, I was determined to make this happen, so I decided to publish the book myself, and keep everything to do with it as local as possible. At the end, it will be a book written by a Yellowknifer, about Yellowknife, sold to Yellowknifers, printed in Yellowknife, and the proceeds going to benefit Yellowknife (through the NWT Mining Heritage Society).

The next step for me after establishing what I wanted to accomplish was putting it into action. I asked for - and gratefully received - enough initial funding to acquire the equipment needed to get this book ready for the presses: the software, the hardware, a camera, and pictures (see Our Sponsors). I also joined the Skills Canada Graphic Design Club to develop the skills I needed to design and produce a functional, but attractive work. During this, I also started doing more thorough research, talked to “old-time” Yellowknifers’, and doing all the work associated with publishing. As well, I was approached by the local paper, the Yellowknifer, and asked by them to do a column for the paper about the history behind Yellowknife’s street names. I consented, because I though it would be a great way to promote my idea, and get other people interested in it; from what I have heard, it is succeeding in this right.

Now, the book has been completed, sent to the printers, and is now available, either directly from the publisher, or from the Yellowknife Bookcellar (click for more info).

All the proceeds from the sale of TTBTS are going to the NWT Mining Heritage Society, an extremely worthy cause in my opinion - check them out for yourself if you want; I am not compensating myself for all my work, but I will completely satisfied if I can get even one more person aware of their history, one more person interested in learning more about Yellowknife, one more person who wants to preserve our past - for the now and for the later. Thank you for your interest in my work; it is greatly appreciated!

Also see the article on The Times Behind the Signs on Wikipedia, or the NNSL articles "The stories behind the signs" and "City Hall honours Yellowknife's past".

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