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Northwords in full gear
Ben Morgan, Northern News Services
Published June 13, 2008

It's all about being creative. The third annual Northword Writers Festival is back in Yellowknife and this year's itinerary will have participants eager and hungry for more.

The mic will be opened at Javaroma again tonight, when local columnist and writer Annelise Pool hosts an evening of story-telling centered on Yellowknife.

The NWT's own Tyler Heal, Fran Hurcombe and Walt Humphries will start the night for the group and then ask anyone from the coffeehouse crowd to join in on the fun.

NorthWords 2008 Featured Authors
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Hon. Bob Mcleod acknowledges YK author Tyler Heal
NWT Legislative Assembly
February 8, 2008

"I'm pleased to recognize Tyler Heal, who is a third-generation Yellowknife resident and a resident of Yellowknife South.

"Tyler was awarded the 2007 Heritage Award from the Yellowknife Heritage Society in recognition of his contribution to the preservation of the history and heritage of Yellowknife..."

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Heritage award to local teen
Jess McDiarmid, Northern News Services
Published January 18, 2008

Council voted unanimously to give the 2007 Heritage Award to Tyler Heal, a 16-year-old Yellowknifer who recently published a book documenting the history of the city's street names.

The Times Behind the Signs, a compilation of articles published weekly in Yellowknifer, was released in late November 2007.

"What Tyler has done here would be a tremendous accomplishment for a historian or anyone. That he's done it before he can get a driver's licence or drink a beer, and he didn't even keep the profits, he gave that to the heritage society, it's a tremendous achievement," said Coun. Paul Falvo.

Heal designed the book and did the publishing work. He's donating proceeds to the NWT Mining Heritage Society.

Grade 11 youth releases book on street names
Laura Power, Northern News Services
Published November 23, 2007

YELLOWKNIFE - Since late 2005, residents have been reading about the history of the city's streets in Wednesday editions of Yellowknifer.

Now, the author of these articles - 16-year-old Tyler Heal - The Times Behind the Signs is about to release his first book, a compilation of his Street Stories...

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The stories behind the signs
Adam Johnson, Northern News Services
Published January 3, 2006

YELLOWKNIFE - A third-generation Yellowknifer is taking the city's streets to the bookstore.

Tyler Heal, 15, the writer behind Yellowknifer's Street Stories, is compiling his work into a book, called The Times Behind the Signs.

"It's about the history behind Yellowknife street names," he said.

For the last two years, Heal has been contributing his Street Stories to Yellowknifer, exploring the stories behind the names on your favourite green aluminum signposts, from McAvoy Road to Otto Drive. Now he's ready to take things a step further.

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